Seamless edge provides a clean aesthetic where bacteria, fungus and mold cannot penetrate edges.
Elimination of seams also helps diminish the accumulation of potential contaminants and makes cleaning easy.

Note: Surfaces can be up to 48” wide and 96” long. Starting at 18” x 18” minimum and increasing in 6” increments.


921 Brite White

321 Lace
131 Contemporary Grey
34 Aged Ash
74 Finish Ply
75 White Oak
9 Cherry
95 Red Oak

83 Burnt Maple
85 Dark Hickory
4 Taupe Elm


84 White Wash

54 Barn Board

64 Black Walnut

5 Sand
25 Shell

45 Concrete

55 Grey Vein

65 Marble

231 Midnight Black

94 Carbon

Note: There may be slight variations in colour and/or finish between this digital sample card and the actual product.


1. What is Duraform?
Duraform is a unique and exclusive table top made entirely in Canada. The substrate is made from a recycled MDF with a thermofoil layer fused on top. It is commonly referred to as 3DL or 3D Laminate. Since there is no additional edge banding, the material is continuous around edges giving the appearance of a solid surface.

2. Does Duraform have any recycled content?
Duraform surfaces have 85% recycled content (pre-consumer) by weight.

3. How does Duraform compare in performance to HPL (high pressure laminates) surfaces?
Duraform is comparable and in many ways superior to HPL in terms of its scratch resistance, lightfastness and cleanability.

4. What are some of the standard industry tests that Duraform passes?
Duraform meets the ASTM, NEMA LD3 and UL requirement for:
– Abrasion Resistance
– Color stability
– Impact resistance
– UL723 Flammability for smoke and flame spread index

5. What are the maximum lengths and widths of Duraform tables?
Duraform tables can be up to 48” wide and up to 96” long.

6. Can Power Outlets be added into a Duraform table?
Yes, cut-outs for outlets can be made at the factory during the manufacturing process. This must be specified at the outset of the order.

7. Can Duraform be made in any shapes other than traditional Squares, Rectangles and Circles?
Yes, Trapezoids, curved rectangles, ovals, boat tops and other shapes are available.

8. How much weight can be placed on a Duraform table?
Our Duraform surface has been tested and passed distributed load of 380 lb and concentrated load of 300 lb. Module of rupture “MOR” of MDF is about 3500-4000 psi (lb per sq inch).

9. What thicknesses are Duraform tables available in?
Duraform can be made in 1” and 1.25” thicknesses. No other custom thicknesses are available for tables.

10. Are Stretcher Bars needed for reinforcement?
Stretcher bars are required with surfaces 54” length and longer when they DO NOT have any mid support.

11. What is the warranty?
Duraform surfaces are warranted for 1 year from the date of sale. Exclusions apply.

12. How do you install bases into Duraform tables?
Standard #10 x ¾” wood screw can be used to attach any bases or stretcher bars to the underside of Duraform tables.

13. What chemicals can be used to clean Duraform surfaces?
Over 95% of stains can be cleaned with soap and water alone. Duraform 3D Laminates were shown to have no discoloration or damage to the finish when cleaned and disinfected with the following products:

– Asepticare TB-II
– Bleach 5:1
– Bleach-Rite® disinfecting spray
– Cavicide® surface disinfectant
– Citrace® germicide
– Clorox® germicidal wipes
– Dispatch® spray hospital cleaner disinfectant with bleach
– Fade-A-Dyne® stain remover
– Lysol® spray disinfectant
– Precise™ hospital cleaner
– PDI® Super Sani-Cloth® germicidal wipes
– PDI Sani-Cloth Plus germicidal wipes
– SaniZide Plus® germicidal solution
– Virex® II 256 cleaner
– Virox® AHP 5 disinfectant cleaner surface wipes

14. Custom Sizes and Shapes
Duraform tables can be made in any 6″ increments from 18” – 96” long and from 18” – 48” wide. Standard sizes begin at 18” and go up in 6” increments until the maximums. If a special size is needed (ex. 33” Round or 32”x38”), we can process that as a Special Size.

15. Custom Duraform Finishes
There are 22 standard finishes in our line, but there are about 150 more finishes. (Stone, Wood, Solids, etc.) that can be used as Specials. Minimum quantities and upcharges will apply.